The world’s most influential short speech was given by Jesus Christ when he told a small group of his disciples to “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20).   Christians hear these words of Jesus, but seldom do they pick up on the deep personal implications of them.  When heeded it transforms a person from spectator to participant.  Jesus did not say go and make church workers or managers or athletes or businessmen, but rather go and make disciples.  Discipleship is not super-Christianity, it is basic Christianity.  It is a coming to Christ and a going to others.  A disciple is one who accepts and assists in spreading the message of Christ and him crucified.  The disciple knows Christ and lives for Christ among friends.

Discipleship in a small group of 12 men or women is the method exemplified for us by Christ.  Jesus’ plan of growth operated in smallness.  Only three things are eternal: God, the Word of God and souls of men and women; invest your life in these.  Presently we have discipleship groups for the men and women of Grace Covenant.  They consist of 5-8 men or women meeting weekly in a comfortable and casual setting to help foster intentional God-centered lives.  You can find detailed information of the agenda and content of our discipleship groups under “discipleship materials” on this website.