Our Staff


Douglas L. Coyle, Ph.D., Senior Pastor

Doug is the organizing pastor for Grace Covenant Church.  He grew up in Las Cruces and graduated from Mesilla Valley Christian School.  He received a B.S. in Business Administration from San Diego Christian College in California, where he also served as Student Body President and played four years on the basketball team.

He attended Westminster Theological Seminary, CA and received his Masters of Divinity in 1995.  During his first year in Seminary he married Jennie.  After serving as an Assistant Pastor and taking classes towards a Masters in Philosophy at San Diego State University, Doug and his wife Jennie moved to Waco, Texas where Doug began to work on a Ph.D. at Baylor University.  In 1998, Doug and Jennie moved to Las Cruces with hopes of planting a church.  Doug served as an Associate Pastor for University Presbyterian Church as he worked toward planting the daughter church.

In February of 2004 Grace Covenant Church began meeting. In February of 2005 Grace Covenant Church became a particularized church.  In December of 2005 the church purchased a 12,500 square foot building on the corner of N. Main and Elks across from the Lowe’s (3111 N. Main St).   Doug and Jennie have four children, Hunter, Noah, Connor and Davis.  In May of 2006 Doug completed his Ph.D. from Baylor University.

Doug can be reached at 526-5577.