Missions and Evangelism

It used to be said that “the sun never sets on the British empire”. This saying comes from a time when the British Empire had properties all across the world and somewhere the sun was always shining on a piece of the British Empire.  Our goal is to be able to say that sun never sets on the influence of Grace Covenant Church for the gospel.  GCC hopes to see the good news of salvation in Christ shared in every country because of the support of our congregation.  We hope to send missionaries, plant churches and work with larger mission agencies to further the kingdom.


Our denomination mission agencies are Mission to the World (MTW) and Mission to North America (MNA).  MTW’s motto is: MTW exists to build bridges of God’s grace.  MTW and Grace Covenant Church believe that this tremendous task requires sturdy bridges whose foundations will stand the test of time. That’s why our mission is to build church-planting movements whose energy continues to grow far into the future, long after we may be gone. As a church-planting movement develops among a geographic group, vibrant, nationally-led churches will multiply, transforming the culture around them. This is how we believe the world is transformed by the power of God’s grace in Christ. That’s why the Church is central to all that we do. Whether it’s mercy ministry, university ministry, medical ministry, working with street children, or training leaders, all of our work is designed to advance church-planting movements around the world. We hope to soon have a list of missionaries that we are supporting with our prayers, time and finances.  In addition, we encourage and support our younger men and women in the pursuit of missionary opportunities.

Evangelism at GCC

In addition to missions we are committed to corporate and personal evangelism.  We preach Christ-centered messages verse-by-verse from the Bible.  In addition, we also equip the people of GCC to share the gospel clearly.  One way we do this is through a Wednesday night evangelism class that meets at the church. If you are interested in not only learning how to share your faith, but also actually sharing it with others then contact Pastor Doug Coyle, 526-5577 or indicate on a yellow visitor card.